Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weave the blanket!

One day they come to me.
You have to weave the blanket for the county!
When ? -- I asked
All summer!
How can I? I have work to do!
We don't care!
You still have to weave the blanket.
Or see the governor!
The governor?
Yes, the governor...
What will I get in return?
You will get nothing but the praise from the Lord!
But why?
The county has nothing to give in return.
The Lord will repay you in heaven!

The summer is near!
I have to weave the blanket!
I have to weave the blanket!

Hear ye hear ye!
They call upon...
What's the message?

We have message for you.
The Governor has something in return for those who weave the blanket!
What is it?
A pillow!
A pillow?
Yes, a pillow! Made from goose feathers... aaahhh...
Oooohhh.. I want that pillow!
No, you can't!
But why?
I have to weave the blanket!
I have to weave the blanket all summer! All summer!
I must have that pillow!
I must have that pillow!

You are free from weaving the blanket.
Someone will weave the blanket!
That someone will have that pillow!
Our friend!


-Mr Foozi said that it is not easy to create a poem -- especially when it is in English! So, I tried the free verse... this poem has symbol, metaphors and this poem is related with me -- this is one of the way for me to express my feelings through poem.

If you can guess what my poem is about, then you are superb! Hahaha.. Happy guessing friends! Need to know what it is all about? Hahaha... let's discuss it in my facebook! Daaa..

Picture credit: Flickr

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