Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Party Tupperware and Make Up Class

My weekend was a bit hectic because there were a lot of things to be done. Friday morning, off to SK Haji Abdullah Sadun for the Medical Camp and in the evening I went to my SIL house. She organised a Tupperware party just to introduce the latest Tupperware product - the Steam! Using the TupperWok and the new steam (red colour) you not only can steam food, but also you can bake a cake! Wow! That's really amazing.. So.. haruskah? Haruskah? Kakakka..

I also received a hamper from my SIL a.ka. my upline for being super active this month. Yeay! Dapat la beberapa biji Tupperware dari sebesar-besar tidak hingga ke cekenit-cekenitnya. Cute gilakkk!!!

This is the cupcake that my SIL baked using the TupperWok. It took not more than 15 minutes to bake this!

Jagung! Yeehawww.. Using the Steam-It you just need less than 15 minutes to steam this. Bes woo! Aku ada satu nih..hehe

Eh, enterprem plak. We were busy inside, this boy still got time camwhoring outside! Kakaka

The next day, I went to Alor Star branch to attend the Beauticontrol and Make Up Class. Wah, sungguh best. They started a bit late, still we managed to finish the class on time. I got loads of information about skin etc. Heehehe.. Boleh jadi beautician polak skang.. kakakaa

Sis Mas from KL is explaining about the products and how to use them.

The model for make-up. Gumbira sungguh beliau kerana terpilih. Haish.. aku tak terpilih. Sedey (T_T)

Sekianlah biter terkini buat kali nih. Oh..sikalang sangat bz. Kalau rajin aku post lagi..
Calo betah! Kakkaka

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