Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Touring Singapore Part 1 - Marina Barrage

Haha.. Now, I'm back with more updates! We arrived in Singapore at midnight and woke up early next morning for our Jimba-Jimba session. First venue - Marina Barrage! It is a nice place indeed and a very good place for the children. You can see how the water is processed and you have lots and lots of thing to see, view and feel!

Teruja sakan nak pi Jimba-Jimba! The makeup pon still somel! Haha

The main entrance!

Somel kan titisan air nih!

This is the time where we took our photographs and sent it through our emails.. Malangnya sampai hari ni tak sampai-sampai lagi..haiyooo..kena tipuk kah? :(

Look at our backs! Those are the mineral water bottles! Recycle jadi hiasan lorr.. sapa mo try?

Somel kan? Heheh

The roof top! This is where the Singaporean play their kites!

Behind us! The latest casino in Singapore (ala..macam kapal kat atas building tuh) and also the Singapore Flyer!

The kids' splash zone! You can play with the water for FREEEEE!!!!

Not forgetting the adult-perasan-kids pon buleh tumpang sama..wakakkaka

The most important thing when you are in Singapore... you have to make sure that you keep all your rubbish in one place. Keep it in plastic bag and dispose them on your way out! Degil kalu kena ban! Kakakak

Put your trash here okeh!

And the most important thing when you come here, you may encounter this film star. Very glamourous I tell you..wakkakak

Haa.. ada bilik you can always ask for autograph from this star..wakakakkaa..

Ok, will continue the updates when I arrive in Melaka. Right now kena bersiap sedia to start our journey back to Melaka okeh. C U later reader.. sorry for the late updates!

Doakan perjalanan kami pulang ke Melaka dengan selamatnya!

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