Friday, March 5, 2010

Things needed when doing your assignments!

Ok, let's look at the things needed when you want to do your assignments. Sometimes you might think that they are useless, but for me, in some way it is still a crucial need. Just to engage you with the desire to write your own assignment and not forgetting that these things are going to let you have flying colours result..kakaaka

First thing first, of course you need a laptop or a PC just to do your work eh.. The next thing that you need is this one...

Kakaka.. Encik Mouse. Of course when you use a laptop, you may ignore this thing, but for me when you are busy clicking here and there, the use of Encik Mouse is a must -- to let your fingers resting from clicking and moving like mad!

Of course the materials for your assignments! Just download it and print it out, never ever let your materials stay in the laptop.. susah lor.. sana mau bukak, sini pon mau bukak.. in the end, sakit mata..

Yes... your Magic Book (sat gi kata Holy Book -- ada kena hambur polak). A lot of things you can refer from here. Just flip through everytime you get stuck. Kunun-kunun bila flip tru the book, you can smell the pages and the ideas will come right to your head la..akakkaka

The biscuits.. sungguh bes when you have it with this...

Encik Kopi!

Okay, Encik Kopi is not healthy enough -- lots of caffeine I know.. I know.. still, you can always have this too... The fruits!

After you have all the materials and you have already finish typing your assignment, you need this pulak...

The Paper lor!!! The most crucial part ni. Without this, your assignment means nothing...kakakaka

But then, without this thing, your assignment is meaningless too.. so you REALLY need this!!!

The printer...Make sure the dakwat still ada.. kalau tak.. sewupa la..assignment hanya pada nama.. kakakaka

And of course the last most important part in the world when you are doing your assignment, you should have this. What is the purpose of having everything done, printed it out nicely, but you don't have this in the end?


So.. you really-really-really-- I really mean it... that are these little things..

The stapler, the bullet and the binding tape la makcik oit!!!

That's all. Thank you.

P/S: Masih belum siap lagi.. (T_T)

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ONE ZABA said...

bila dah start kunyah semekut tu mula la kerja tak berapa nak jalan.

God Bless Us!

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