Monday, February 15, 2010

My new toy!

Ntah kenapa dia dok senget macam nih! Cisss!

Introducing to you my new toy! A very stylish (chewah) and also useful for those who are so obsessed with their weight! It can also calculates your fat and also shows the icon whether you are healthy, overweight or obese! Right now, I am overweight! Aiyaarkkk!!

Tak paham kenapa dia mesti duduk senget..padahal time select pictures tadi, gambarnya tak macam ni pong.. Aku fenin la!


sayalahfaizul said...

ni mesti setiap sejam akak p timbang kan? wajib la...

.: mama cute :. said...

wakakaka.. pandai ko pejul.. bg seplo markah kat hang.wakkakak

God Bless Us!

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