Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How I love Art lesson!

Yesterday, I was a bit blurred when the class monitor came to me. He was asking about the materials that they needed to bring for their Art Class. Luckily Nurul was there, she gave me this wonderful idea! Let's see how it works!

It was called the Sea Life -- oh this so-called topic would be better if I teach them next month because next month they are going to learn the about the Sea Life too... haiyaa..too early pulak.. never mind lah! Kita boleh pikir lain hari..Now, I will tell you how to do this step by step.

Materials needed:
Manila card
Crayon/Water colour

1. Use their hands and trace the shape of their hands on the manila card.
2. Cut it out.

Then, look at the pictures below...

After tracing their hands, cut it out.

They had just finished cutting their 'hands'. Now colour the hands!

Ukail, the class monitor was so excited when doing this activity!

They have to colour according to the sea life that are suitable okeh! So here are some of the examples of the sea life.

It's mine actually.. wakkakaka.. so ugly since I have to show them on the spot. Tak dan nak buat awal, so while explaining to them, I show them the way to colour etc.. pot pet pot pet.. kakaka.. They can choose either to make the fish or the octopus or other things selagi tak lari tajuk.

After they had finished, I was planning to put them on board, but then I had no enough time to do that, so just sambung to the next step. This is according to Nurul, masa untuk aprisiasi - I think they took from the English word -- appreciation! This is where the pupils got the chance to come in front and express their feelings when they were doing their work. This could also expose the pupils for public speaking -- speaking freely! Jadi, boleh latih dari kenit-kenit agar tidak nervous! I really should thank Nurul for this knowledge. Normally, I just collect all their work and say papai to them.. Oh, I was wrong all these time and I think not many Art teachers know about this too. It is not too late eh! You can always start now. It is now or never..chewah!

From their masterpieces, I picked randomly dan kelihatan beberapa orang ketakutan..wakakaka.. and of course they were a few yang wishing their names would be called! Kakakaka.. sungguh attention seeker!

Muzamir yang so shy-shy cat to talk about his fish!

Syamel juga malu juga! Time kat tempat duduk hingaq bukan main..haish!

Fazrien yang sangat cool to deliver his speech. Chewah.

And of course as a start, you too should guide them. Takde la tercengang-cengang budak tu kat depan.. Just help them with these kind of questions..

-What is your name?
-What did you do just now?
-Have you ever done this before?
-Do you like it?
-Do you want to do it one more time?
-How many colours are there?
-What kind of colours are you using?

Most of them are saying that they are happy yada yada yada.. except for one boy. Hafizul..

"Ok Hafizul, do you like this activity?"
"No, saya tak suka.."
"Oh, that's too bad.. Kenapa?"
"Sebab saya nak lukis dinosaur! Saya suka dinosaur!"
"Oh, takpe, next time kita buat dinosaur. Tapi kali ni kan theme kita Sea Life.. Hidupan laut, you have to stick to that theme...ok? Next time kita buat dinosaur, ok?"
"Class, tepuk tangan!!!"

Tepukan amat penting bagi membuatkan murid kembang tak hengat! Ekekeke.. so you see how important to let them to express their feelings. From here, you will know more about their interests etc. No wonder he likes to draw dinosaurs all the time.. need to find some projects to curb his hunger towards dinosaurs eh. Haiyaa.. should browse through the net la ini macam.

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