Monday, January 25, 2010

Bertukar akhirnya!!!

At last, I have my own laptop. Wakakaka....After so many years using the laptop provided by the government, now I have my own.. (sila berasa annoying)

The need to have one since the HP has become a burden to me...with the not-so-clear screen lines here and there and also the weight of that lappy too. Mana tahan, kalau nak usung menda alah tu memang berchinta.. especially when I have courses in Langkawi. Cukup tension nak mengusungnye. Huhu... Now with the weight of 2.1 kg only, I can smile happily to get on the ferry. Waakakkaka.. Let me introduce to my new honey bunny -- Red Devil -- eh nama setan polak..tamo tamo.. kampeni polak.. Aiyaa..what should I call her then? I called my previous HP I think I should call her Jane..can I? Macam buku citer kekanak omputih..kalo hero Peter, the heroine would be Jane..wakakkaka

Somel kan kaler Red? I was looking for Green Apple or Dark Purple. Tapi takde polak kaler malas to hunt for other colour. I just take what's available. Janji leh pakai!

But then, macam ngengada lak letak nama omputih.. So, I think I would call her Princess..Wakakakkaa...lagi melampau kan? Orait-orait.. I will think about it later on lah.

Ni belah dalam dia. I like the sleek ala-ala titanum colour kat belah dalam tu. As far as I know, the specs are quite ok. Karang pakai canggih bebenor tak reti guna pon tak guna gak ye. I just want to use this for my assignment (ceh...kunun top priority la nih..cheyyy), chatting, facebooking and also ehem-ehem...blogging la dei.. By using the Intel Core i3, I think it should be ok. Other than that, jangan tanya aku. I am not an IT savvy ok! Kereta Savvy aku tau... wakakakak...

You can purchase this laptop at this shop at Star Parade, Alor Star. The name of the shop is The sales assistant memang superb. Terang habis (sampai aku tak paham..wakakka).

Bila tengok Lenovo Netbook, sangat teringin pula....tapi kecit konet polak. Biji mata dah 'muda-muda' ni kena la jaga kan..kekekek..(alasannn...)

Dan malam tadi sudah bertenet ngan Arrpek using the webcam. Kuikuikui.. Peter takde webcam..kesian.. huhu..

So, Jane or Princess or whatever your name is.. welcome to our family. We are going to have a wonderful time together-geder.. Muahhsss!!!

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