Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of Parts of Body... at last!

Syukur, at last I could finished the Parts of Body in the Year 2 syllabus. Some of you might ask.. weh.. bulan baper daaa.. baru nak abes.. the truth is, these kids are special, so I need to use some special treatment for them to digest everything that I thought to them... until now, from 23 kids, only 2 of them still have problems in understanding the lessons .. not only English, but also other subjects.. which is a nightmare for all of us...

These are some of the feedbacks from the teachers that are teaching the kids.
"Owh.. Fathir.. aiyaa.. dia tu macam dok dunia lain ek.. time sembang ok.. bila buat keje.. dia wat bodo aje.. sabo je aku..."
"Eeeee....aku tak tahan ngan Mawi tu.. asyik-asyik takde buku..pehtu termenung aje..aku soal dia nganga aje.. adoi...kesian betoi la.."
"Budak tak ramai kelas hang tu.. tapi masyaAllah.. hardcore! Dengan perangai hiperaktif, dengan hat tak bawak buku, dengan hat penyegannye...mati la kalau Year 6 dok buat lagu tu.."

Fathir: Got the problem since he met with an accident. The scar can still be easily seen near his forehead. Aku andaikan dia ni dyslexia. Cepat lupa, tak faham apa yang diajar and also daydream A LOT!.. I mean.. A LOT! But when it's time you ask him to chit chat with you, he will talk like there is no tomorrow. Hahaha.. memang memeningkan kapla ngan budak Fathir nih.

Mawi: This is his first year attending school. Before this, he never enters school. He has problems with the alphabets and the family support is quite low... if you look at his father--so grumpy and impatient all the time.. he nearly scolded me before when I asked him to leave his son in school. Mawi cried and struggled all day long during the first few days in school, I even had to chase and hug him with my high heels just to make sure he won't go out from the school. compound. His father was staring at me as if like I was going to do something bad to his son. I told the father to go back blah ler because this kind of kid will only be stable when the parents are not around. Biasala budak-budak...mak bapak ada mulalah nak wat perangai..The father was looking at me like the I'm-gonna-get-you-bitch look. And I was looking at him with the so-what look...wakakkakak Aku rasa mak pak tu nak kena educate dulu lah.

Back to the title of this post. Since today is the last day for the Parts of Body topic and if you look at their textbook in page (aku tak hengat.. ekekke) they'll ask you to make a big sun using the paper plates, coloured paper, crayons, glue, scissors etc. And I was so silly not to bring the paper plates... mesti korang tanya..apsal tak soh budak bawak aje..senang keje ko Syah.. Well people... I did ask them to bring only the glue and scissors.. in the end, only half of them bring those things.. yang lain.. "Kami lupa bawak la ticer". But then, there is always plan B. I cut out the drawing blocks just like the paper plates only smaller, then I asked to follow just what the book says.. the only thing I changed was the paper plates and the way to make the sinaran of the sun around it. They also had to draw the eyes, mouth, nose on their suns.

"Ok.. after this, teacher will paste all your beautiful suns at the back of our class okay. Please write your names ok boys and girls?"
"Haaa... teacher letak dalam kelas"
"Ya la.. why?"
"Huish teacher... sat gi hangat la kelas kitaaaaa"
"Eh.. how come..pasai pa?"
"Banyak matahari dalam kelas... jenuh la teacher..kita hangatttt!"

Pergh..boleh tahan loyar buruk ko Cerap! Nak marah tak I just laughed along with the kids in class.

Show off now!!!

So, these are their beautiful suns. And today only 15 students came to school. Most of them got batuk-batuk and also demam due to bad weather. Apapun boys and girls.. teacher loves you a lot! You are my sunshine, kids!

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