Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mid-term yang sengal

Today, I got mid-term exam. And I did my revision on my way to Sungai Petani. Luckily Intan drove me there. If not, I won't read any...huhu. The questions were super duper easy, unfortunately I had a hard time to goreng this time since everything was about fact which was very hard to goreng on facts...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... I knew if I did my revision, I could easily got an A for that. Huhu.. The exam ended at 10.10 am.
So, before we went to our next class (giler kan OUM ni... ada exam, still ada tutorial) we had our breakfast in Tesco, Sungai Petani. Then, we pusing-pusing the Tesco area and dropped by at MPH Bookstore.. our heaven! There it was.... my favourite novelist.. Danielle Steel's new book -- ROUGE! OMG!!!! It has 20% discount lagi... huwaaaaa...but I have to be a member dei.. And I need to pay RM20 for membership.. I opened my purse and there it was... Only RM 70 left... Aiyaaa..cannot la.. so rugi! Then, I walked around the store...jeng jeng jeng jeng.... there again.. I saw all the Danielle Steel's collection..lagi la aku meroyan! Wakakakaka.. This time... Amazing Grace! Yang dulu nak beli kat Melaka tak jadi because the book rosak a bit. So, I calculated this and that.. in my head.. "Sat gi nak makan.. hmmm.. then, tong-tong duit minyak Intan.... hmmm.. bleh lah..tapi nak jadi member..ermmm.. cannot!!! Takpe.. MPH bukan ada kat Alor Staq pon..wasted je jadi ahli!" So, that's it! I quickly grabbed the Amazing Grace and thinking of buying Adam a comic.. so I also grabbed one of the BEN 10 comics and went to the cashier.. With RM50, she returned to me nearly RM3. Huhuhu...
Rabak poket makcik!
Then, we pusing-pusing again waited for the next class that started at 1.00pm. My friend ended up buying so many things...hahah..seb bek aku tak tirguda..since I just had RM20 left.... hahaha... I went into the boutiques to survey the price of the modern baju kurung that my friend asked me to sell. Kat SP the price is RM220..mak datuk... awat mahai.. never mind.. I will sell them less than RM 200 ok..kekekeke.. RM199 pon tak sampai RM2oo kan! Just kidding..I will let you know later ok!
After yo-ya yo-ya around Tesco, we went to OUM for our next tutorial. We submitted the assignments and the class ended at 3.00. (Sekarang jom baca ayat drilling tahun 6) We went home tired but happy..wakakakkaka
*Gambo update len..sbb tak dan.. nak sleep awai ini mlm... so damn tired and my laptop wat hal..nyampah..abis assigment aku! Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... hari nangis sedonia :(

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