Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I wanna wish my beloved mother, Puan Hajah Kamariah, my MIL Datin Hajah Che Puteh, and to all my friends and devoted mothers all around the world a Happy Mother's Day. Thank you to all my friends who wished me since 6.30 am in the morning till now. Thanks for still remembering me as a friend who is now a mother. As for my hubby.. as usual, he forgot to buy me a gift and worst still... he forgot to wish me Happy Mother's Day.
No comment. I just felt like I'm nothing special to him (except as his coffee maker, cook, cleaner, laundry girl and also a sex sleeping partner). Maybe I'm not a good mother so I don't deserve that wish from him... If I tell him this.. he'll definitely say.. it's not a big deal, sayang.. it's just a celebration.. nothing.. Yeah right hubby.. it's nothing for you.. but it's something for me.
Anyway, I still love you the way you are. Hmmmm...

cilok dari Flicker en.mocachip..huhu

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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