Saturday, April 25, 2009

Owh.. what a boring weekend.. Hehe

Salamz u olls..
Sorry for not updating any posts for the past few days. I had been busy with my body treatment..ehem, my school work (next week ujian u olls), the still tak siap renovation of my wet kitchen, my translation, my other part time job! I also had no ideas what to write in here. I even didn't have time to update my facebook..hoho!
I also had forgotten to sent the pictures of the table cloth that my nephew asked for ( sudah baper minggu tertangguh daaa...) since the handphone went missing (suma gambo dalam tu daaa...amik gambo curik kat kedai jual alas meja..wakakakak).
Last Friday, the Apek came to continue the renovation thing. They took two days to do the job but still tak siap dei! Ponin palo den. My kitchen is like kapal pecah. And my toilet is now my laundry room. Lagi haru lah!

Pulun menambah tanah to make the level of the floor same.

Still tak siap.. huwaaaaaaaaaa.. They finished doing this at 8 pm. We can't even have our shopping spree.. Barang dapur tinggal nyawa ikan deiii..

The below picture is taken today. This Apek's keys dropped in the IWK's pipeline. Hoho.. Jenuh korek deiii..

This man patiently tries to get his key back. After a few hours, they succeded. Cian ko Ah Pang!

Earlier this morning, I went to school for the LDP course. Makanan banyak tak hengat sampai everyone of us can tapau the food ooo.. Mewah bangat.. The course for today is given by the Jemaah Nazir Sekolah. Dasat u alls.. Nazir bagi kursus tawww..

Encik Nazir (gosh... I forgot his name already..kena makan ReverseAge nih) is delivering his talk.

Eventhough, I had a quite kelam kabut weekends and weekdays, still I could get some of these for my inner appetite.. wakakakkaka

My new dress --same like Ateh's.. wakakkaka

My new console table.. ni my hubby beli.. dia dok berkenan hat Oriental design..hoho

My new closet..hehe..After a few years of savings.. wakakakaka...
Coming up next is the making of my new mini library. Since I have my own 'Eric Leong 'for now, I better use her help to make my dream mini library come true.. Hahahah..

And introducing you my new boyfriend! Pink karer ok! Got bunga2 somemore at the back of the phone. So in love with it when the first time I saw it. Cheaper than the LG Phone. Hehehe.. As usual, a discount shopper like me will hunt for the cheaper thing right. Ngeee..

Ok... log off now.. Ngantuk tak hengat nih.. Hehe..

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