Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tak merdeka lagi...

Salamz u olls..
I'm back! Hehehe.. Last nite I slept at midnight and woke up at 5 in the morning. Still continue doing my assignment. Hehe.. Then at 7.15, I wrapped up everything and went to SP. We (my friends and I were carpooling) were late.. so late. We arrived at 9. The class started at 8. Huhu.. We quickly took our seat and watched others to present their masterpieces... Pergh.. every single one of them got some laser smash from our tutor.. Mr Basil.. hoho.. I was so scared to death when it comes to presentation. Even though I have a lot of experience talking in front of the public.. but this time is no main-main time. Hohoho..

One of my friend is presenting her work.

I was the second last person to present. The presentation can be done in a group, but only one would come out and present his/her work. Then, the marks that we gonna get is even. If your friend presented the lesson hancus.. yr marks will be hancus too.. wakakakaka..
Then.. the time sudah latang... I started my presentation.. in the middle, the tutor asked me..

"Ok, tell me your skill.. I'm interested with the reading skill.. can you plez state the skill...bla bla bla.."

Then I answered ... "I'm using 3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs and whole text sir"

"Fine, tell me what are you going to do during the while-reading activity"

"I'm going to ask the students to locate the main ideas and the supporting details by using 3 different worksheets depends on their ability. You can refer to my handouts that I gave you just now. Every worksheet have different level,sir. The questions are also different. For beginners, I gave them easier questions.. more to straightforward questions..bla..bla..blaa.."

"Ok, fine. Tell me what is the main point in your first paragraph"

Here is when my otak suddenly blackout..tupppp..aisey.. what to goreng... apsal aku tak hengatt...and it's hentam time..

"It's about Minnie...ngeeee"

and everyone else in the room were mumbling.. "Oh no.."

in my head.."Oh shit... kantoi!"

and my friend whispered.. "The second paragraph is about Minnie-lah.. aiyoooo.."

and my beloved tutor.."Now, you are trapped! That's why you have to make sure that you know every little thing that you do. Bla.. blaa...blaa... baaa..baa.. black... sheeppp..." He kept on torturing me just like he tortured everyone else. "Ok.. you may take your seat. Next time be careful aaa..Don't just simply give the questions to your students without knowing every little details inside your text"

"I couldn't remember lah!"still try to defend myself...without adding.. this morning baru siap..

"Fine.. sit down."

Then a friend was murmuring.."Not fair la sir, you asked her very few questions.. ask her more lah! Just now you asked me so many question.. until tak bleh jawab."

"Ait.. fair enough lah.. next time present masa nak last..sir tak dan tanya you sebab the time is almost up.. hahahah."

"Oh.. patut lah..pandailah you!"

"Work smart lah dei"

Then, he called me to ask who are my group members.. Again, he scolded me..

"I dunno why you people like to cover everyone's back. They are not here to present their, why you take the trouble to present for them. You are the one who is going to wear the jubah, yet you bersusah payah nak cover your friends. Why la.. I just don't get it!"

This time aku balas balik...geram betol..

"Ya la, sir.. it's your fault. You shouldn't tell us at the first place that this thing going to be a group presentation. You should tell us to make it individual just like the assignment. The moment you tell everyone that it's going to be group presentation.. they'll take advantage on that. Select one and present while others MIA."

"Ok.. next time I won't do it lah. It's useless and rugi for them for not coming because they didn't know what we were discussing just now. I'm not happy with it."

"Next time please make it individual, so everybody will come for sure."

After we had our break for the third tutorial, I met Mr Basil again..

"Sir, how was my assignment and presentation.. ok kah?"

"Oklah.. "

"Can get A or not.."

"Can lah.. but this lady I dunno lah.. " pointing at my friend..

and my friend.. "Janganlah.. matilahh... "

Our torturer.. wakakakkaa.. Mr Basil Jude Surin..

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