Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tak insap lagi.. hambekkk

As usual, the due date for assignment is here. And as usual, I will just relax doing nothing till the end of time. As usual, at the time when my workload were piling up like KLCC something else would also kacau my precious time. And as usual, during my busy time, the sales around the shopping complexes were like crazy and I couldn't enjoy my shopping spree polakkk.. Hoho... tahap gaban tencen aku nih. And usual, insyaAllah I will finish my assignments on time... and as usual, I will be hoping to get an A this time around, insyaAllah. Oh please God, tell me that the time is still there for me to finish these things. Tell me that everything is going to be alright. Tell me that I am going to finish it on time! Please God!

And now... what the heck am I doing here? Aiyaa.. still got time to blog haaa? Giler hapa aku nih. kuikuikui.. lariiiikkk...

So prens.. if you missed my posts so much...plez read the archieves okay. I will start uploading the latest post after 7th of May March (lepas T4 ok!). I know you gonna miss me you cutey readers! Chewah..

P/S: Macam mana leh tulis 7th May... sengal aku ni.. nampak bebenor dah blur tahap gaban.. kuikuikui

Till then.. muahss you alls.. :p

Cheh.. so serious la my face.. kuikuikui

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