Monday, March 30, 2009

Read Easy Makes Your Teaching Fun!

The writers of the Read Easy Book - the husband and wife, Eliani Nik Nawi and Othman Ahamad. Thank you for the wonderful things that you shared with all of us!

Have you ever heard about Read Easy before? Do you know how to use the method? Do you really know that this programme could help your students in reading?
Last Saturday, I went to the Read Easy course. I want to come since every year my admin just love to give me the last class..that is the KIA2M classes. I don't mind actually, but then I tried so many things to make sure that they could read. In the end, I ended up myself syok sendiri and double tiring. My sister asked me to join the Read Easy course. Normally they will conduct the course in Penang. This year, they did it in Sungai Petani. I quickly called my friend, Kak Nor to join me. So, ada kawan. We need to pay RM 100 for the course. Hohoho... our own pocket money! Hoho...
We arrived in SP around 8.45 in the morning and registered ourselves. The session started at 9 sharp. The presenters are the writers themselves. Eliani Nik Nawi and also Othman Ahamad. So, enjoy the pictures la deiii...

Most of the participants are the kindergarten teachers. Surprisingly, the Saraswathy's school (Tamil School) sent their teachers here and the teachers were sponsored by the school! Kitaorang bayar sendiri maaaa...hua hua hua...

My group members.. as usual, I like to sit with other races. Takde Chinese plak. Miss you guys.. kapla giler2 suma nih.. heheheh

The worksyop.

The course ended at 5 p.m. We arrived in Jitra around 6.15.. sebab hujan sket daaaa... The course is really exciting and in my opinion if you care about your students and also your children, you have to come to this course. They will teach step by step how to teach the children to read as early as 3 years old. They are using the phonetic approach (which I used for my assignment in designing the reading program... I got an A for that! Hoho)

Not forgetting, Adam, my own son, his kindergarten teachers used this method and he could read within a few months when he was 6. It was incredible because during his kindergarten years I didn't expect him to be so good in reading not only in BM but also in English. Even now, he always asked me to bring home some story books from my school.

Now, for two days I had been using the Read Easy method to teach my slow learners and also the Year 1 students. Yesterday, my colleague asked me..

"Syah, you ajaq apa depa excited sangat.. sampai nak balik dok Cory Cat /k/ /k/ /k/..."
"Oh, I taught them the /k/ sound. So, ada la nyanyi sket. Pengajaran berkesan la tu..hehehe"

Oh, lupa nak kasi tau. On that Saturday, sekolah aku ada sekolah ganti. So, I told the PK about myself going to the course with my OWN expenses... This is what that fella said to me..

"Ok, you apply cuti!"
FINE! sungguh tak supportive! Hoho

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