Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shared Writing lagi

Si As ni tak paham2 lagi ghupanye.. sangat le sengal.. msti banyak bebenor makan mempedal ayam masa tecit2 dulu. Lengkali sambung blajar supaya ko leh tau lebih dalam sbb menda ni agak complicated kalau main terang kat sini.. kekeke.. apa pong meh aku bg ko satu sampel.

Time : 7.45-8.45
Year : 2 Melati
Topic : My Favourite Past Time
Language Content : SV Agreement
Skills : Refer kat HSP ler.. malas aku nk carik.. wakakakak
English Hour :
Step 1 : Shared writing
- The teacher demonstrates the modelled writing on her own favourite past time
Step 2: Teaching point
-Teacher demonstrates on how to write using the template that the teacher has shown in step 1
-In pairs, the pupils will try to write using the same template by putting in their own words.
Step 3: Guided writing/Independence work
In this area, the pupils will be guided by the teacher/ peers whenever necessary.
In the meantime, the teacher could also asks the pupils to come in front to read.. (any materials also can lah)
Step 4 : Summing Up
-Here, the teacher calls up any volunteers to read their own piece of work and try to give positive comments.. rather than saying.. This is wrong.. you can rephrase it to.. I think you could change this word to other word.
-Emphasize on the moral value too.. jgn lupa sangat penting nih.. wakakkaka

So, suda abis da.. shared reading? ko refer pada previous entry la.. ada aku wat skali dulu.. aiyooo.. malas nk bukak khazanah ni.. tgh mood holiday.

Till then, papai.. tata titi tutu.. hehe

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