Friday, January 2, 2009

Get Well Soon Kechat!

My own brother is going to have his operation tomorrow. He needed this operation so that his fingers can move again. (He got heart problem, hypertension and also some problem with his tengkuk) The operation costs around RM42k. He needs another RM12k! Nowadays, everything needs money eh! Even masuk toilet pon kena bayar. Huhu. I dunno how he's going to get 12k in a week time. His operation will be on, only he needs to pay the remainder in a week. Phewwww..
I called him a couple of nights ago, he was scared for the operation though. I know what it's like. It was like between life and death eh. Huhu..
So, people, if you wish to help my brother, please email me ok! Half a loaf is better than none :)

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