Monday, December 22, 2008

A Trip to Medan - Part 5

The unique things about Medan.

Most of them use Jeeps, MPV or SUV vehicles. You can easily see the Rush, Innova, Avanza a.k.a Kijang, CRV, Jazz rather than sedan cars. I am not sure whether most of them are super duper rich or what.. but then, look at the next picture...

The poverty is still there. Even when I was doing my shopping, the kids will come and ask for donation. Once you give to one kid, another twelve will come and serbu you! Kesian btol. Tapi ntah la.. aku serik nak bagi.. bukan kedekut, tapi mai datang serbu ramai-ramai..memang scary the movie..heh heh..

The loyal Pak Supir. We paid this man RM32 per day. From day till nite to bring us anywhere we want to. This guy can actually waits for us patiently. Kalau orang lain, wajib dah kena tinggal. After the his trishaw was full with our things, he sent us back to the hotel for us to put our things. He also suggested that we take our bath first and rested a while. Dasat.. dia just duduk kat becaknya and waiting for us to continue our journey. Ish ish ish..

Aku tak tau ni apa. Katanya macam tempat pembentungan air. This place supply fresh and clean water to the residents in that area.

Rambu-rambu? Aku lupa nak tanya apa itu rambu-rambu... Haha!

The busy traffic. I am so scared with the traffic system here. There are a lot of cars and it seems like forever. I prefer to walk quite a distance to use the overhead bridge rather than jeopardizing myself to cross the road.

The banner. If in our country we will use the streamer banner.. they use artificial flowers to create the banner. Kalau kenduri kawin mesti guna ini banner. Hehehe

Kalau kat Malaysia ada Angsa (Unser).. kat sini ada Kijang.. ekkeke

The bread seller. Hehehe.. bukan bread aje.. macam2 jenis makanan yang dijual dengan cara ni. Syok tengok.. tapi tak berani. Why? I am not sure with their hygiene. They like to pee anywhere they like, as if there is no public toilet around! Dasat.. even Pak Polisi pon kencing ikut sker ati aje.

The trishaw... hehehe.. pakai motor. Bes woo.. tapi kalau kat Malaysia.. wajib aku tak naik.. wakakkakaa..

Mohon Buka.. tapi mamat ni tegar! Hehehe

Kalau dah kenyang leh terduduk dibuatnya!

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