Monday, December 8, 2008

The Raya Preparation

Like any other celebration, before the big day, my family and I were busy redecorating our house. Hehehe.. Since my cousins from Malacca will be coming to my house to celebrate the Aidiladha, so we decided to make our home more pleasant so that they would be comfortable to stay in our house. The first thing we did -- buying the wall fan to be put in the fourth room. Then, my hubby started to drill the whole house to hang all kind of things that we bought a long-long time ago. Baru nak bubuh because we managed to borrow our neighbour's drill. (Our own drill sudah missing in action) My hubby also repaired all the things that were already jahanam such as the second and the third bathroom's pipes.
My mom said.. orang nak datang baru nak perbaik. And I replied.. nasib baik ada orang datang...kalau tak sampai ke sudah tak perbaik.. hehe

The frames yang sudah lama terperap tak digantung. Sikalang sudah gantung.

The wall fan. Senang skit. Jimat space.

The candle holder. I bought this a couple of months ago. Baru leh letak. Hehehe

My store room was a bit messy.

Sikalang dah ada rak. Ngeee...

Ni lagi dasyat. Dapat last year.. baru this year gantung.. nak abis taun pong...very the tak snonoh. Wakakakaka...

The house was bersepah like rumah tinggal. Hehehe.. Selepas.. aiyaaa.. terlupa nak snap gambo. Tak dan.

So, how was your preparation?

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