Saturday, December 6, 2008

Golf is an expensive hobby!

Why do I write about golf this time? Well, I live nearby a golf course area. So, earlier this morning when I was on my way to my friend's house I saw a few people (a couple of ladies and gentlemen) were playing golf. It was 9.45 a.m in the morning. I was wondering.. eh, they do have free time eh. Normally at this time, an ordinary people like me, will be busy doing the household chores.. hehe..I know that golf is really an expensive hobby.. let me list out here why I said so..

1. The fees and the equipments are super duper expensive.
2. If you want to play it for free you should buy the house in that area. In Darulaman Heights 2 the cheapest house is RM450k!
3. You definitely need a maid / maids for your house. Ho ler... after a few hours of playing that thing, you gonna be exhausted, you need someone to take care of your house, laundry etc eh?
4. You need to wear special attire that makes you approachable. Since it's an expensive hobby, you also have to wear some branded items eh.. hehehe..(kat Thailand banyak gak.. ngeee)
5. You have to be a boss or someone that is superior... means that, you can get out anytime from your office just to play golf without anyone questioning you while you are gone.. haha!

I know someone that is totally giler golfing! The wife told me that his husband can play golf all day long. Sampaikan malam pun main jugak. Ish..ish.. berhantu jugak main golf ni. Just like fishing.. you never know when you gonna stop.

Unlike myself. I never had the chance to play golf, eventhough the place is in my area... just a kentut away I might say. I am so lucky that my hubby's hobby is not playing that thing either. He just loves his motorbike. He could spend hours reading the Roda-Roda and other magazines that have superbikes as cover. If he could get himself on the net, he will watch all kind of superbike races in Youtube. Huhu.. He told me that his hobby is the cheapest!. Ye ke?

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