Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Nostalgic 1051 Number

I remembered when I was in secondary school I used to dial the 1051 number. I think most of you know what the number is for. It is for us to check the right and correct time. Normally we just wait for the news on the television so that we could know the exact time. The 1051 number can be called at any day or time so that we can check whether our clock is functioning correctly.
Back to my first line, during those day we used that line to chit-chat with other people who also dialed the number. At first I didn't know anything about it, but then my schoolmate were busy telling me that they met someone from the line.
From that day on, we will gatal-ing ourselves to dial that line (we can just stay on that line for less than a minute I think) and we were able to get the boys' number. Hahaha.. And of coz I just took their number without even tried to call them. (You never know how fierce my dad was at that time... sejak dia dah tua, dah kureng dah cengih... cian pak den). I did not remember whether I gave them my number.. wakakakakaka. What makes me want to laugh about it that the line can only last for 30 seconds.. within that 30 seconds, the gatal-ing people can still have time to exchange phone numbers, then call the number again so that can chat again and again and again.. giler betol masa remaja... ahhahahaa.

Footnote : Just now I called 1051 again for the first time since I left high school. Hahahahha

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