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UPSR ended

Sabaq dik noo.. Sat g hangpa merdeka la.. hehe

Salamz all
For three days, I went to SK Tunjang to be one of the invigilator for the UPSR Exam. The first day was a bit tiring. The second day was a hoorah day because there was only 1 paper. After 9.30 aje I was home already. The third day was super tiring. Because the kids need to sit for 3 papers and of coz I could feel their tense. Kesian lak nengok depa jawab peksa. Macam antara hidup dan mati woo..
Well, there's one more thing that I would like to highlite here. As we all know, this year is the year of the PPSMI Pioneers sitting for their exams. Rumours too had been said that this is the last year they would implement the PPSMI Program which means that they're going to abolish this program. Rumours too had been said that the books for Science and Maths has already been made in Bahasa Melayu for the Year 1 pupils.
For me, as one of the thousands of people that are involved with this program, I found it that it will be a very sad thing to happen if it is TRUE they're going to terminate it.
I found that the pupils are OK with it. I just think that the problems didn't come from the pupils at all. These little children's mind are just like sponges. They absorb everything without any doubt. They didn't know about anything unless we taught them from A to Z. So, for me it was not the pupils' problems.
I would say that this problems comes from the teachers themselves. To be precise.. the Science and Mathematics teachers. This is because most of the teachers are from the Malay medium. They learnt Science and Maths in Malay, they went to maktabs and learnt everything in Malay.
Suddenly.. 6 years back, they needed to go to the ETeMS (English for Maths and Science) course. They needed to learn everything in English. This is where the Master Trainer a.k.a Jurulatih Utama (proudly... I'm one of them.. kuikui) were there to help the teachers.. not to teach the language but to HELP the teachers with the language.
We, the JU had seen all kinds of teachers. There are some teachers who are willing to learn and improve themselves. And of coz.. there are some people who refuse to learn... just hoping and praying every single nite and day that the government would change the policy back. Huhu... During the 3 weeks course they needed to prepare a portfolio and for the last 5 days, they needed to do their macro-teaching. Teach everything using the English Language. It was quite tough for them, I'm sure... but for me.. if there's a will.. there's a way kan. And of course the portfolio, we could detect that some of them just copy from the previous cohort.. so.. there's no learning there. How to learn if everything is about copying and pasting. We felt that.. we're wasting our time and money too.
Apart from that.. every Maths and Science teachers including the English Language teachers are given 5-10% allowance for the PPSMI Program. As long as you teach the subject in English, you gonna get the allowance. What are the allowance for... some of you maybe wondering.. especially for those that are not involved with the Pendidikan World.
So.. for Maths and Science teachers the allowance are for them to improve and upgrade themselves to be better in English Language. ( Enroll the English Language class outside the school compound, buy the BESTA dictionary..lebih kurang lah)
For English Language teachers (like my gangstarz and I) we are supposed to conduct an English Language class that is known as Buddy Support System class. This is where the Maths and Science teachers sit together and improve themselves to be good in English. FYI-- the class is absolutely free because the EL teachers already got the allowance meehh...
Unfortunately the attendance for the class is quite sedih lah. There's one time, only 2 teachers came to the class.. Hampeh.. Apa pun.. takpe la.. at least they came kan. My school's BSS (Buddy Support System) is on Sunday after the school hour. So, I think it's a waste not to come to the free classes kan. Actually the government had already give so many things to the Maths and Science teacher to improve themselves. They also had been given a Self Access Learning CD to learn the language more. Kalau nak beli (especially yang Linguaphone yang super duper expensive tuh.. kurang2 kena ada 3-5k for any language programme) Huhu... Tapi takde orang tengok pon. Kalau ada pon.. just a few I might say... huhu.. (mampos aku kena lepas nih.. manyak sakap tol)

Back to the UPSR punya citer, I would like to show you this..

This boy can really answer the Science Paper in English very well. Actually there's some choices for them to make. They can either answer the paper in English, BM or BM/English (rojak style lah) But most of them answer the paper in English. That's quite a surprise kan. So.. sapa kata budak problem ek. Hello.. ni sekolah kampung juga ok..

Ahaks.. enough said :p

Jom citer menda len plak. Today after I got back from that school, I called my sister. Just to know about the exact way to bake the blossom cake. Then, I started to buat the kek. First, I took out everything.Then, I realised that I didn't have the weighing scale.. OMG.. berlari daku ke kedai berdekatan. Arrrghh.. tatak joi la moi.. Huwaaa.. I quickly grabbed my car keys and my kids into the car.. we rushed to Jitra.. Mak oi.. rasa jauh polak. Memang jauh pon. Then, we got home.. After that, I took out my my muffin tray. Holly hibiscus.. kuikui.. my muffin tray couldn't fit the kukus. Huwaaa... pi kedai balik.. tatakk la moi.. sengal kedai nih.. Once again, I picked up the car keys and grabbed the kids into the car.. Swooosshhh.. sampai to the same kedai. Nasib baik ada..

Amoi : Aiya.. apa hat kakak. Ada barang tinggal kaa/
Me : No lah. I nak beli bekas apam. Tadi lupa la (nak kaber kesengalan aku..kuikui)
Amoi : Ni la bekas apam. (showing the small cute cups)
Me : Bukan ni lah.. besar lagi..
Amoi : Aiya.. yang mana la.. ni laa
Me : Aye.. ni lah.. ada nih.. baper rege dia?
Amoi : 2.50 seplo biji
Me : Kasi kurang lah.. tadi beli manyak dah
Amoi : Ok la.. lu angkat doblas biji wa kasi sama harga
Me : Orait

Then, quickly rushed home. Started to weigh the tepung naik sendiri, the ovallete, the fine sugar, etc. Put them into the mixer and zzzrrrr... for 10 minutes. Sampai lumat okay. Pehtu, hubby got home.

Hubby : Hi... wat per tu.. wahh.. wat kek.. nak tolong
Me : Mandi dulu la mucuk..

Seterusnya, he helped me etc..etc.. Terus kukus. Hmm.. 5 minit aje aku kukus. Pehtu, tak jadi.. kuikui.. I called my sis..

Me : Weh.. apsal kek aku tak jadi haa.. bawah tak masak.
Uda : Sebab bekas ko besar la.. Baper minit ko kukus?
Me : 5 minit la dei
Uda : Ler.. orang kukus 10-15 minit. Pi letak balik
Me : Bi... letak balik bi... Uda kata 10 minit lagi
Hubby : Polak.. kata dah.. tak sat abang heran, awat cepat sangat

Then, baru la jadi. Aku pasti bulan ni bil tepon aku melambung naik hanya kerana si kek blossom. Maklumle hari aje dah 3 kali aku wat call ke Singapore.. waktu siang lak tu..Wakakakakakka.. Apa pun hatiku puas sebab berjaya menyiapkan kek yang somel seperti tuannya dan tuan punya resipi (Toji.. wakakkkaak)

Santek kan kek blossom ku ini...hehe

P/S : TQ Uda for the wonderful recipi. Sok aku buat lain. Guna bekas apam yang kecik lak. Anyway, santek tak starfish aku. Aku rasa kek aku santek lagi dari ko punya la Uda oit.. wakakakkakaka..

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