Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Hair Day

The discount card.. After the 6th visit, you gonna get a RM35 discount

Kuikui.. aku nak tencen dah ni.. I just found out that I also had the god-damn freaking lice on my head.. not only one.. but TWO freaking lice. Memang &*@&&*$&*@&*!. So, I asked my hubby to bring me to the nearest saloon to cut off my bold and beautiful Pejal Tahir's hair.. kuikui..
While waiting for my turn... I was wondering what type of style I wanna do this time.. bukak buku.. wah.. Japanese style.. santek.. tp suma muka kecit.. aku ni muka medium.. kensel.. kalo tak boleh wat ala2 pesen kawaii.. kuikui..
Then, it's my turn. I went to the wash area to get my hair washed first. Still.. I was thinking.. nak wat pesen apo nih.. Ana pikio punya pikio punya pikio.. ok.. I made up my mine.. hehe.. wat layer macam pesen lama balik la..kuikui
Then, after washing I got back to my place for the cutting session polak.. The lady asked me..

The hairdresser : Nak potong macam mana, kak?
Me : Aisey... tetiba tatau nak wat style apo.. (shoott.. my mind was thinking of something else)
Agak2 awak, pesen apa yg santek ek?
The hairdresser : Hmm.. kak nak wat layer tak? Belakang wat bentuk V atau U. Kak leh pilih..
Me : Okla.. bentuk V (aku dah terbayang macam lion king da.. wakakakakakka)

While cutting the front hair, suddenly I changed my mind..
Me : Dik.. nak tuko boleh? Hmm.. belakang kasi sama la.. pendek paras bahu..
I was thinking if I do the layer, the pesen will be the same like Pejal Tahir.. cuma shorter aje.. so.. pendek terus.. at least I'll look different eh..

And it took me around 1 hour for her to finish the job. I am really satisfied with their work and I think I will be their regular customer from now on. Kuikui..

How much do I spend for this haircut?
RM 25 (including the wash, cut and blow and also the conditioner..the last touch up lah). This is what they called Professional Cutting and for the Director, you have to pay RM35. For me, the price is quite OK. In Melaka, for this type of service I have to pay RM 50-60 at The Bliss, Jusco.
Here in Kylie, you can eat and drink for free (self service ya..) Don't you think it's cheap? Waaa.. manyak murah la.. hehehe.. My kids had their ample time to eat the biscuits and a lot of sweets there... Berbaloi aku bawak kekanak ni.. makan sampai kenyang.. kuikuikui...

This is what I call... the Ning Baizura's Bob Haircut.. hehe

So, if you wish to have your haircut here, just go to Tanah Merah, Jitra. The saloon is just behind the YAWATA Shopping Center.
Happy Cutting You Alls...

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