Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Latest Stuff That I Have

Gosh! What a boring life I have during the school holidays. The first time rasanya cuti pendek without any courses. Normally I have courses during the holidays.. so it was quite odd having a long school holiday.. chewahh.. padahal sonok tuh.. wakakakkaka. I also dunno what to blog about since I just terperap in my house. Then, I remembered the things that my friend ask me to.. To take the pictures of the stuff that I got from the Primary Literature course a couple of weeks ago. So here there are..

The box contains :
1 CD
more than 100 flashcards
a set of game card
10 finger puppets
pictures of animals
paper clock
a pair of dices
and many more lah..

Just look for yourself

haa.. hambekk...

And like I say before in my previous entry, I bought a Danielle Steel novel. I just finished reading the novel and the story was quite good.( I like Sisters better) It was about a princess who wanted to do more than cutting ribbons (this is what they do). She wanted to do something real and challenging. Her wish was granted by his father and she went to Africa to be one of the Red Cross volunteers. Over there,she met a young doctor and fall in love. Unfortunately, they cannot kahwin since the doctor is only a commoner, so it was impossible for them to get married. Antara dua darjat la nih.. Hehe..To know the ending.. ada la tragedy, as usual Danielle Steel's book always got tragedi one-lah.. wakakakaka.. then, go and hunt for this book to know the ending, wokey.

These are the new BALA modules for this semester. Waaakakkaka.. Aku nengok sumer geng OUM yang bloggers pakat dok tayang module depa.. ni aku tayang polak module aku.. Kuikui.. mana leh kalah..kataku penuh hasad dengki.. muaahahahhahaha

And as usual, saya bercita-cita untuk menghabiskan modul ni sebelum datangnya peperiksaan. Kuikui..
Saya juga berjanji untuk tidak leka lagi pada semester ini.. muehehhehee.. serious weh...

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