Friday, June 13, 2008

Manja-manja with the kambings..

Earlier this morning we went to my friend's house somewhere in Jitra to send her rebung. She left her rebung in my car yesterday. So, my kids were so excited when they saw the kandang kambing.. (panggil apa ek dlm BI..hehe). We went inside the kandang and took so many pictures with the goats and kids. Surprisingly, the goats were not as smelly as I thought at first. Cuma ada bau sket2 aje and the area was so clean (tuan dia jaga elok...) So to the tuan tanah and the tuan kambing, thanks for letting us to spend our time with your goats and let my kids to treasure the first experience with the goats. These are some of the pictures that I could share with you guys.. Enjoy..

The grass area for the goats' meal.

The kandang kambing.. mbeekkk..
Adam : I want to go inside, but nobody's there..

Adam and Johnny.

The first time they gave the goat some grass to eat. The brown goat's name is ...aiyaa.. aku lupa dah.. Aishwarya kot..

This newly born kid's name is June because she was born in June. So cute la this one..

Adam, Salman, Papa and Johnny -- the tamest goat in the kandang.. hehe

My turn to pose with the goats.. Smile kambing u alls...

The mineral salt for the goats as their vitamins... Ingat senang nak jaga kambing.. kena bagi vitamin tau..

Adam was so excited to meet with the goats.. This is the place for the mothers and the kids to hang around since the male goats are quite fierce with the little ones.

For your information, most of the goats here were named by the name of top artiste such as Preity Zinta, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya, Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Lever and so on. Even Janet Jackson pon ada...tu yang tak menahan tu... Apa pong, TQ to Pwincess for sharing your precious time with us. Maklumle.. you kan tengah menanda exam papers.. hehe. Till then, sayonara..

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