Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Fuel Price Rocketing Up....

Today the fuel price is going up again. And now it's going up to 80 sen per litre. Waduh... So, on my way to my school just now I saw many cars were queuing to buy the petrol at the petrol station. I think it would took at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach their turn to fill up their tanks. Duhhh... And I found a blog that told us about this matter. You can view the post here. Quite fun reading it.. haha.. padan muker korang... padan muker aku sama.. sengal tol.. Hari kata harga minyak tidak akan dinaikkan... skang apa citer la dei... Mampoih la kiter... Cakap tak serupa bikin tul.

Back to my early story... after my tuition class ended, I passed through a petrol station... already closed la... aku rasa minyak dabis kot.. So, I kept on moving forward.. hehe (macam iklan toyota plak...kuikui). Then, I met with this station. BHPetrol. Seumur hidup aku tak pernah la pi isi minyak tang ni, but then my mind was thinking about the petrol station in Jitra area that was congested tahap gaban, so I just bertawakal and queued with others.

I arrived here at exactly 9.59pm. Damn.. so many cars were queuing here. At this time the power of ciloking could be very useful. But then, it's not fair for others that had waited for such a long time right. Aku ni beretika jugak...

After 15 minutes. Baru la dapat cecah depan nih.. Hehe..Only 4 booths for cars and 2 booths for motorcycles. Look at the motorcycle area... macam lalat daaa...

Everybody was like waiting patiently for their turn eventhough inside their heart.. they felt like letoping their heads.. kuikui

Ahhh... akhirnya.. after 30 turn. I climbed my car seat just to take pictures of other cars queuing behind me. They must be thinking that I was crazy because I took the pictures from that angle.. or maybe I was the journalist from Nanyang Siang Pau... (dah la pakai jaket kementerian..kuikui)

Here is the view from Masjid A'ala. The cars were queuing to buy the petrol from the Petronas.. Hampeh Petronas ni... mencik aku.. aku anti Petronas.. (sorry orang Petronas.. but I think you guys didn't help us much this time.. cesss)

This is the view from Shell Jitra. Tempat aku selalu isi minyak. But tonite I didn't go here because I didn't want to join the heavy crowd... hehhe..panjang giler beb.. I think more than 500 metres. Dasat tuuu...

Park jauh giler just to take this picture.. Ada polis jaga.. takut aku ngan polis.. I'm quite phobia with the policeman.. I dunno why.. hehe

Nampak tak abang polis atas divider tuh.. Siap pegang torchlite.. Sapa cilok siap la korang... dapat surat chenta... Hehehe

The view from my car's roof. Hehe.. Papai Shell.. sonok la korang.. kaya sekelip mata.. Aku pon nak bukak stesen minyak satu la.. Sapa2 nak buat suntikan modal, can contact me ok.... Hehehe..

So, that's all la the news that I could give you. Enjoy yourself ya.. And enjoy your new life with the new petrol price.. Sengal tol... Memang baboon la depa nih.. Ada ka patut bagi penaik harga minyak. Ohhh.. kita kena tukar lifestyle kita.. Yeah right! You change your lifestyle first. Stop taking business class air ticket and stop staying in suites ok! Makan roti canai tepi jalan aje... murah and tuko lifestyle, amik hotel pon yang brand Seri Malaysia aje... ada diskaun for government servants.. muahahaha.. Cakap macam poddaaaciittt.. Hakktuiii...

Sekarang ni you go this page and read everything here. For those who think that the price is OK... do read here OK!!
Okay.. with these.. I rest my case.


xamadx said...

kesian kat abg polis tu, dia pun sebenarnye nak isi minyak keter dia, tp sbb dah bertugas takleh nak but ape lah.uhuuh

mama cute said...

hehehehe... tu la pasal.. tp den rasa mesti orang stesen minyak tu bg dia isi minyak harga lama sbb dah tolong jaga jalan... kalo tak mau roboh itu stesen.. kekekeke

God Bless Us!

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