Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ETeMS for Remedial Class Teachers in Kodiang

Salamz fan (aku ni mmg suka syok sndirik),

Today is the 3rd day of my friends and I conducting the ETeMS course in Kodiang. Today is Pwincess Adie's turn to drive us all, and today is the first day for the air conditioning in our room to function well (baru la leh bergaya ngan jaket itew..hehe).

Yesterday I was wishing that I could upload these pictures but then I was too exhausted to do that. After I got home at 4 p.m, I quickly fetched my kids from the nursery and rushed home. Then, I took a bath and prayed the Zohor prayer (lambat giler dah) and went downstairs to take care of the laundry (macam kedai dobi daaa). While waiting for the washing machine to stop, I went to my neighbour's house to fetch my third son. After that, I was feeling like having a nap and this is when my sons started asking for S-U-S-U (arrghhh.. tencen aku). Then.. zZzzZzzzzZZz..

At 6.00 o'clock, my hubby came home, wahhh.. sudah lewat sehh.. I rushed to the kitchen and made his drinks, then we watched Ezora on TV3. After that.. gosh.. aku tak solat lagi.. vroommm... larikkkk p solat, then continued to watch Ezora.. hehe.. Maghrib datang, prayed plak then bersiap sedia to go to Alor Star.. ada tuition at the Orphanage Center.

10.30 pm pi plak umah ibu mertuaku, sembang pasal Reliv and she decided to put one set in her shop. Nak introduce kat customer dia...alhamdullilah.

11.15 balik rumah, 11.40 reached home and gooosshhh.. baju2 skola kanak2 riang tak sidai lagi.. (remember the laundry??) huwaaa.. manyak keje.. My hubby already mengantuk, he went to sleep. So, Along, Angah and I duduk at the kitchen and my kids accompanied me to hang all the baju2. Huhu.. Then, it was 12.10 a.m. Waduh.. baju manyaknye tak lipat.. cannot sleep polak.. Okla, aku lipat baju polak, Salman titon dah, tinggal Adam n Naufal. Peneman setia mama..

Ok la back to the story (panjang polak citer aku kali nih), yesterday we asked the CPs (course participants) to create anything from the basic shapes that they should draw and cut out from the manila cards that we provided and they were asked to write the steps of what they had done. All of them had done a very good job and we were really proud of them. These are their pictures..

Group 1- Vacuum cleaner robot

Group 5 - The Star Trailer Company

Group 2 - The happy clown

Group 4 - The goat or kamcing( the combination of kambing and kucing..hehe)

Group 3 - The kampung house.

Good luck people and plez bear with us because we have another week ahead to be together-geder..ngeee

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