Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Training @ Reliv

This is the reason why we arrived in Kedah late that Saturday. We dropped by at Reliv office to attend the training. Here, we met with Mike Tan, Paul Lim and many more. Aku tak baper kenal hat len, sowy. Hehe.. and I also met with my sister, Arrpek and Zuraini. After the training, we chatted at the round table and started to plan our strategies. Luckily Angah's there too. Angah had never been to Reliv training before and of coz she's very motivated now to do the business. Don't worry, Angah, we'll join you to promote your products this school holidays, ok.

Rite now, Reliv is having a quickstart programme and this programme is very good for you to start your business if you have no money to start off. You can always email me to know more about this programme.(syahjehan78@yahoo.com) You'd be surprised to see how the programme works and who knows, you might be our next champion in future. Just like what Paul Lim said.. think this way.. I M Possible instead of saying IMPOSIBBLE.. that's a very good one Paul. Can't wait to see you again. And one more thing, the story of a deaf frog from Mike.. That's a good one too. Hehe.. Shutting the ears from listening the negative things would make us reach to the top!

If you haven't join us, it's not too late to start now. Join Reliv and start Nourishing Our World. In Reliv, you are paid to help others. :)

Zuraini : So, Filzah.. this is how you do it.
Angah : Yes... I understand.
Arrpek : Semangat nih.. huhu

Mike : Hello, everybody. Macam mana? Sudah sedia untuk gegarkan Malaysia for our coming Conference?
All : All set!

Aku : Eh, Arrpek.. ada plak gambo kita dalam ni.. wah wah .. glam gitu..

Arrpek : Perghhh... apo lagi.. snap la dei.. boh dalam blog ko.

Aku : Musti arr.. Jaga-jaga.. gambo kita manyak nih..

Aku : Ada lagi.. sini sini.. aik.. sana lagi. ehh.. manyaknye.. giler glamer kita nih.. kuikui

Arrpek : Ko memang gila glam..

Arrpek : Tu gambo dewang amik lagi lawa dari ko amik.

Aku : Ha'ah le.. aku nye gambo macam tengah tahan kentut ari tu ek.

So, we left Amcorp Mall at 6.30pm in the evening and drove back to Jitra. We reached Jitra around 12.20 am. Letih bangat sehhh

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