Saturday, March 22, 2008

Salman New Look

Salman just recovered from his fever and diarrhea. Look how thin he is now! Since he was recovering, he started eating a lot.. Look at these pictures taken at his Mak Tok's house with his cousin, Fayyadh. While Fayyadh was posing gently at the camera... this little boy of mine keep on munching and munching and munching.. hehe.. ikut sapa le ek?

"Look here Salman...leave the bread!!"
"What? I'm hungry, mama... sorry"

"Mama just took my bread away.... sampai ati mama."

"Yeah..I got my bread back!"

Mama : "Say cheese, boys"
Fayyadh : "Yeeahhh"
Salman : "Breadd...."

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