Sunday, February 10, 2008

Uniquely Singapore Part 2 - Vivo City

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Here we are in Vivo City. We supposed to spend only one hour here, but one of us had already exceeded the time limit.. so we have to give her a big clap hand because at least she had found the way out from Daisho.. Ahahahah. This is the sticker of Vivo City at the parking lot. Vivo city is soooo damn big and we were so damn tired to finish our visiting activity here. The last place we went ---> Daisho.. this is where Angah had difficulties to buy things and find her way out.. suma dia mau hangkoottt...

Barisan Mrs Universe.. hehe.. the Reliv users on board. Huhu...

This is the top floor of Vivo City, over here there are restaurants, shop lots and also toilets.. hehhe. We can easily walk in the water (but u can't swim tawww) and enjoy the view. From here we can easily see the Sentosa Island, the Merlion and also hmm.. apa ntah.. Esplanade? huhu.. But, it's a nice place to visit plus there are a lot of people too.. Naik berpinau mata eden.. huhuu

There's a Chinese man blowing his flute... oh ye.. it's Chinese New Year, remember..

Diq Dinie at the Vivo's mascot. This is the second floor I guess where the playground for kids located. Syok la kalau Adam n Naufal ada... sahih terlebih masa.

A restaurant near Daisho in Vivo City

The last person to come out from Daisho, sampaikan Si Uda kena masuk balik and look for this lady... sabo je lar

The Marche's cow on top of Vivo City

Uda and family posing sat except Diq Dinie.. hehe.. malu plak nak pose..

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