Friday, December 28, 2007

Activities during Aidiladha

This year we decided to celebrate Aidiladha in Kedah on the first day and head back to Melaka on the second day of Aidiladha. This is actually the sixth time I celebrated Aidiladha in Kedah since every Aidilfitri we will go back to Melaka.. hehe. The tradition of celebrating Aidiladha in Kedah is quite different from Melaka. In Melaka, after the solat sunat Aidiladha, there will be a korban and after that, we will distribute the meat to all the people at that area. But here in Kedah, there are not only the korban session but also the visiting relatives session (just like we always do during Aidilfitri) That's quite unique for me. Hehehe... Surprisingly, there are also kuih raya and gathering (kenduri) to welcome the guests. Just like my mother in law's house. Early in the morning, we will prepare the rendang, ketupat pulut and kuih raya on the saprah (a cloth to put the food on it) and not forgetting the thick black coffee (my father in law's favourite drink). After the solat, the villagers and the relatives will come over to greet and chit chatting while having their meal. This is one of the way to strengthen the relationship between the villagers and the tuan rumah (host). These are some pictures taken during the Aidiladha.

After solat raya, we took pictures in front of my father-in-law's dragon fruit farm. Can you his farm back there? Can you see our new car too? Wakakakakakkaa

From left : Sheequeen, Long Bah, Muaz, Mom-In-Law, A'isyah, Me and Sameer
Letih melayan tetamu..

On our way back to Melaka the next day. We started our journey at 5 am in the morning. This is somewhere in Perak. Salman is eagerly to act as if he's the driver.

These were the chosen sheep to be the korban. Hehe.. Jaga ko..

Abang Teh Azlan is the man who was guilty of murdering the sheep... waakkakakakkakakakakaa... This is the evidence la.. Hehehe.. Jaga baikkkk!!!

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