Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bajet 2008

Sudah dengar bajet 2008?
I think my sister would love to hear about the allowance for the Guru Pendidikan Khas akan dinaikkan. Memang tidak dinafikan jadi guru pendidikan khas is much tougher than a kindergarten school teachers. This is because the pendidikan khas teachers face all the special kind of pupils who need special kind of treatment. Without much patience and semangat, I dont think anybody would survive in teaching those special kids. Sometimes, we tend to treat all our pupils equally whereby the pupils need extra attention from us. When we see the pupils have bad handwriting, we should investigate why they couldn't write nicely. Maybe, they couldn't see clearly. Being a teacher is quite tough. Sometimes people tought that be a teacher is quite easy. Just go to school early in the morning and come back at 2.00. Wahh.. so senang la jadi cikgu... cuti banyak.. Yes, the school holiday is so banyak, but then, some people didn't realise that during the cuti sekolah, they will still go to school for extra classes, doing this and that, decorating the class(hehe) and also go out for courses(I use to go to courses during the school holiday). Cuti sekolah doesn't mean cuti for the teachers. Workload is still waiting for the teachers to come and finish it...Only the person who involves in this field will understand the world of education better.
Congratulation to all pupils in Malaysia because starting next year, they don't have to pay anymore school fees. Thanks to Pak Lah la kan. Same goes to the textbooks, insyaAllah we don't have to buy the textbooks since the kerajaan is so generous to give the textbooks to all the pupils. So, to all parents, jagalah buku teks anak-anak anda. Hargailah kemudahan yang diberikan. Pastikan buku berbalut supaya dapat tahan at least 3 tahun. Huhuhu...
Adei, ngantuks plaksss.. I think I should stop now. Tomorrow I got tutorial la deii.. C ya.


Ateh said...

menarik tu...tapi janganlah plak pak lah buat fees for kindergarten free...x leh cari makan gue...sebab tu gue nak menceburkan diri dalam pendidikan khas kalu ada rezeki...gue kan suka sangat benda yg mencabar ni...

mama cute said...

weh, ada biter tkini, elaun utk ibu tunggal akan dinaikkan ke rm500... apa lagi..mohon la pek.. ehh..shh.. sat g org tau lak. wakakakakakak

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