Saturday, August 25, 2007

Skul Holidaze

Skul holidays just ended. Wat pe ek cuti baru nih? I didn't go anywhere since my parents and siblings were coming here for holiday. So, I was their tourist guide! We went to Padang Besaq (dah semestinya...), Langkawi and round2 area Aloq Staq aje. Quite fun and exciting when your family from far-far away come once a while. Nak jumpa susah because of the time constraint and also distance. We just had chance to meet during Hari Raya every year. Other than that, kena arrange the schedule first. Supaya boleh jumpa on the same period of time. That's the problem when you came from a big family and live berselerakan. Huhu. This is the picture of my family... It was taken during last Raya. Only my forth sister was not the picture because that Raya was her giliran to Raya with her husband's family. Nombor tak naik ler... hehe...

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